Quality Assuarance Manager

Job Summary

To establish quality methods and procedures to support all manufacturing processes. To coordinate quality programs and supervise quality personnel. To organize, direct and control all activities relating to quality control that will ensure production of a consistent and high quality product at a minimum cost. This job description applies to Huber Engineered Woods, LLC Broken Bow, OK.

Posted: 09/26/2017

Location: Huber - Broken Bow, OK

Job Description

Principal Duties & Responsibilities • Implement process control changes to improve product quality and productivity. • Control raw materials inventory. • Initiate work orders for repairs, suggested modifications or improvements to plant equipment. • Oversee lab operations and QC inspections/testing. • Establish testing and inspection procedures in manufacturing operations. • Ensure accurate and timely TECO payments as required. • Oversee disposition of product determined to be sub-standard through inspection and/or testing. • Have authority to isolate sub-standard product and to make necessary adjustments in the manufacturing process as it relates to product quality up to and including production shutdown. • Work in coorperation with representative(s) of the certification agency (TECO/PFS/HFB/UL) as it pertains to product quality and the auditing of laboratory testing. • Prepare summary report of lab/QC testing and inspecting activities including sub-standard conditions encountered and resolutions to these conditions. • Determine specific QC tests and inspections to be conducted. • Install and maintain systems for the control of product quality. This includes the installation and maintenance of materials, job-process materials and finished products and various operational procedures and practices. Monitor conformity with these specifications and standards. • Install methods and procedures for obtaining and processing quality and operational data and preparing reports from this data. • Maintain quality control testing equipment in accordance with operating standards. Will work closely with our third party testing agency to ensure conformity at all levels of our testing protocol. Determine stage at which quality has so far deteriorated as to warrant modifying the process and advise the ME/Production Superintendent when such need arise. • Ensure that the highest standards of employee, customer, and public relations are maintained relative to his/her area of responsibility. • Evaluate employee performance for those employees supervised and semi-annually complete employee performance evaluation reports. • Handle disciplinary action with the guidance of the Human Resources Manager in a fair, uniform manner and in accordance with plant and company policies. • Assure adherence of employees to plant and company policies with regard to safety. This includes proper, safe operation of equipment, following lock-out/tag-out procedures, wearing of personal safety equipment (hard-hats, safety shoes, safety glasses, etc.) and an alert, attentive attitude by employees. • Develop a succession plan, initiating on-the-job training to prepare subordinates for future advancement. Recommend replacement of subordinates whose performance is below required standards. • Schedule deliveries and maintain inventory of raw materials used in our process. • Responsible for helping to maintain our in-house “Quality Management System”. • Become the “Center of Competence” for Statistical Process Control and ISO 9000 procedures. May perform other duties such as, but not limited to, in-house audits and help maintain our work instruction data base. • Advise and assist Research and Development team in the development and improvement of quality assurance procedures and administer those approved. • Perform other duties as assigned by Manager. Requirements & Preferred Competencies • B.S. degree in a technical field preferred or equivalent experience. • Technical knowledge of OSB Manufacturing Process. Experience in ISO 9000 or equivalent quality systems. • Demonstrated leadership, English Language Skills (written & verbal), excellent communication skills, strong work ethic, hands on approach to work, willingness to learn, Six Sigma certification a plus.

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