Environmental Manager

Job Summary

Assure compliance with all applicable federal, state, local and corporate environmental regulations and permit issues (air, water, etc.). Coordinate the development and administration of environmental policies, procedures and programs at the Spring City facility. Provide plant-wide environmental support for design, utilization and operational issues relating to the Spring City facility and division-wide by advising on technical problems, technical changes to plant equipment, processes, energy, electrical/instrumentation systems, and site facilities. Plans, organizes and initiates capital for environmental projects.

Posted: 01/20/2017

Location: Huber - Spring City, TN

Job Description

Principal Duties & Responsibilities

1.       Environmental Manager has the responsibility for development and implementation of the Compliance plan.

2.       English language skills are required for Site Environmental Manager (both written and verbal).

3.       At a minimum Environmental Manager must be able to write and speak English.

4.       Coordinate department environmental activities including:

a)    Inspecting and monitoring the operations and maintenance of pollution control equipment for optimal operating efficiency; documentation and record keeping associated with said activities to the degree as necessitated by regulation and/or corporate/division policy. This includes documentation of excess emissions, downtime, maintenance, malfunctions, and operation parameters of pollution control equipment monthly and submitting reports to the Tennessee Department of Environment Quality and EPA as required.

b)    Maintain an emissions inventory for toxic chemical releases as required by SARA Title III Section 313 of the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act and prepare Reporting “Form R” to submit to the proper regulatory agencies.

c)   Responsible for all modifications to existing air permits and the author of any and all new air permits.

d)   Maintain the compliance plan for the PCWP MACT.

e)   Maintain a chemical inventory of all chemicals maintained on site and submit the proper reporting forms as required under SARA Title III Section 312 of the Emergency Planning and Community Right-To-Know Act.

f)    Coordinate the development, implementation and required updating of a Toxic Use, Toxics Released and Hazardous Waste Generation Reduction Plan as required by state and federal law.  Maintain records, documents reductions and submit reports as required by state and federal law.

g)   SARA Title III requirements.  Maintain all safety data sheets (SDS) for materials received and products sold.

h)   Maintain, document, and submit data including fuel use, operating data, use of materials, and other information necessary for reporting to governmental agencies.  Maintain documents and submit a separate emissions inventory for Hazardous Air Pollutants.

i)    Coordinate air emissions testing, as required by Tennessee Department of Environmental Quality or other in-house air emissions testing, with other plant operations to ensure maximum performance of all operating parameters which influence equipment efficiency. Maintain appropriate operational records during test periods.

j)    Oversee the maintenance of the CEMs/COMs equipment, including operator training.

k)   Oversee and conduct in-house air testing using the onsite emissions testing equipment and be responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the test equipment.

l)    Manage the effective utilization and disposal of all solid wastes, which includes but is not limited to wood ash, used oil, paper, and maintain records as to identity and quantity of waste, means and location of disposal.

m)  Reconcile all oil, gas and diesel fuel deliveries, usage and maintain appropriate records. Responsible for overseeing implementation of pipe, tank and secondary containment inspections, housekeeping inspections and soil and erosion inspections. 

n)  Perform quarterly formal site inspections for Storm water Pollution Prevention Plan.

o)  Coordinate the development, implementation, and updating of the storm water pollution prevention plan for industrial activity.  Collect water samples for laboratory analysis as required. Maintain records of sampling and reporting.

p)  Coordinate the development, implementation, certification, and updating of the Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure Plan (SPCCP) to ensure compliance and aid in the required training of employees regarding the program.

q)  Develop and maintain an ISO14001/RC14001 environmental management system or equivalent.  Provide for the training of all plant personnel on work related EMS work instruction and procedures.

r)   Responsible for maintaining PH balances in the wet electrostatic precipitator (WESP) recycle water; also coordinate WESP solids clean out and disposal with removal contractors.

s)  Shares responsibility with plant personnel for plant and yard housekeeping, noise and fugitive dust control policy and implementation.

t)   Develop and implement programs to monitor and document incoming materials, handling and storage of materials and disposal of materials through recycling of other means available to ensure that minimal to zero impact to the environment occurs.

u)  Maintain emission inventories for use in calculating permit fees per applicable state requirements and submits fees to accounting for prompt payment.

v)  Maintain the Spring City Huber Environmental Sustainability Index for the site.  Responsible for the coordination of data gathering. 

w) Complete internal environmental audit training through the corporate office.  Participate in audits at other sites within the corporation as needed.

x)  Shares responsibility with Safety Manager for the coordination, development, implementation, record keeping, reporting, training, and updating of the Facility Emergency Response Plan. 

y)  Regularly review environmental issues and employee responsibilities with all employees in crew meetings.

z)  Track environmental costs and develop cost reduction initiatives.

aa)Ensures compliance with certification to perform visible emission observation pursuant to EPA Method 9. Semi-annual recertification required to continue documentation of air emissions compliance as required in Spring City’s air emissions license.

bb) Assist in the development, maintenance, and implementation of a Maintenance Program for Pollution Control Equipment.

cc) Oversee proper compliance and training with the Hazard Communication Plan.

dd)Maintain documentation of production data sufficient to determine compliance with air license requirements.

ee)Oversee proper compliance and training with the Hazardous Materials Program (HAZMAT).

ff)  Monitor electrical usage for facility.

gg)Maintain active participation in Spring City’s Safety Committee.

hh)Serves as owner/SME of Environmental Compliance MMSR E200.


5.       Keep abreast of current environmental regulations of the federal, state, and local government which may affect the department.      Point out areas of potential non-compliance.

6.       Maintain liaison with state agencies to facilitate site plans for expansion and/or modifications to increase plant profitability and        production.

7.       Train, assist, and support department supervisors in conducting required training for environmental related programs.

8.       Must be a Recognized Leader

9.       Demonstrate project management skills.

10.    Have people-influencing skills.

11.    Good facilitator(s)

12.    Capable of developing and giving training.

13.    Familiar with EH&S rules and regulations.

14.    Familiar with control technologies applicable to their site.

15.    Perform other duties as assigned by Manager.

Major Challenges:

1.    To be aware at all times of new regulations and hazards in the environmental field that are applicable to the Spring City facility.

2.    To develop and maintain an organized record keeping system for all environmental practices.

3.    To organize time and priorities to effectively administer the multiple environmental and engineering functions and to utilize personal and technical skills to empower others to achievegoals.

4.    To advise the EHS and Plant Managers, in a timely manner, of deficiencies regarding environmental and Engineering      compliance and to recommend the appropriate actions to eliminate the deficiencies.

5.    To develop a vision that would aid in the predictability and prevention of situations occurring that would result in personal       illness, product liability, or toxic tort claims being raised against the Spring City facility or the Corporation.

6.    To familiarize self with all the environmental mechanical systems in order to improve upon current efficiencies and/or proposed        changes/upgrades.

7.    Exercising tact and diplomacy working with outside contractors and maintenance departments regarding coordination of        environmental work assignments.

8.    Dealing with vendors on equipment and parts to ensure timely and efficient operations.

9.    Maintaining good relations with manufacturing department managers on environmental projects.

10. Staying within set budget allocations.

Decision Making Authority:

Evaluate proposals for new/upgrades of environmental or manufacturing facility and equipment that will ensure high productivity, improve quality, utilization of equipment and safe operations and makes recommendations to EHS and Plant Mangers. Guide and direct the installation of new equipment and construction of new additions or modifications.  Develop, coordinate and implement all required training to assure compliance with current applicable environmental and safety regulations.

Requirements & Preferred Competencies

B.S. degree in Safety, Environmental, Engineering or related field of studies. At least 5 years of EHS discipline in a manufacturing environment. Working knowledge of environmental and safety regulations and compliance. Demonstrated leadership, English language skills, excellent communication skills, and proficient PC skills. Other Qualifying Criteria - Strong work ethic, “hands-on” approach to work, willingness to learn (ISO 14000) or equivalent Environmental Management System.

EHS Requirements:

*Monitor air and water discharges from site to ensure compliance with federal, state, and local regulations and monitor process operations for evidence of excessive use of fuel, water, and other natural resources.

* *Ensure compliance with all applicable federal, state, local and corporate environmental and safety regulations, and permit issues (air, water, etc.).  Ensure that proper documentation is completed for any safety or environmental required monitoring in your area of responsibility.  Report inconsistencies as appropriate.

*Attend all federal, state and company mandated training, read and comply with Job Risk Analysis (JRA) (formally known as JHA - Job Hazard Analysis or JSA - Job Safety Analysis) information that applies to areas in which you work, wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) while on the job, and report /or correct any unsafe condition that you may observe.  Report all injuries to your supervisor immediately.

                *Adhere to all Safety & Environmental Training.

Be aware of and know how to access the JM Huber EHS Policy, the Minimum Mandatory Standards and Requirements (MMSR’s) and HEW Environmental, Health, and Safety Management System (EHSMS) procedures.  Comply with MMSRs and HEW EHSMS procedures and report all non-conformances to your supervisor or manager.

                *Incorporate environmental, health and safety requirements into every day decision making.

Assist as required in the development and administration of environmental, safety and health policies and programs.  Lead efforts to increase continuous safety and health environmental conscientiousness, identify potential hazards, investigate safety and/or environmental incidents and initiate necessary changes identified through “near hit” incident investigations.  Thoroughly investigate any work-related injuries and record it appropriately.  Plan, develop and lead safety and environmental awareness meetings.  Ensure that the personnel, activities, equipment, and areas under your management are in compliance with applicable federal, state, local and corporate regulations and policies.

Refer to J.M. Huber Corporate EH&S Policy in your employee hand book (beginning on page 61) for further details regarding policy, implementation, responsibility and authority.  Questions regarding EH&S compliance should be directed to your manager, team leader, environmental or safety manager.

EH&S compliance is a condition of employment.  EH&S violations may result in disciplinary action up to and including discharge.


Huber Engineered Woods is an Equal Opportunity Employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, protected veteran status, non-disqualifying physical or mental disability, national origin, genetic information, or any other basis covered by appropriate law. All employment is decided on the basis of qualifications, merit, and business need.

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