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Codes & Construction

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    Performance Catergory Explained

    This Technical Tip explains what Performance Categories are according to PS2-10 and how they relate to panel thickness.

  • 2
    Rough Dry-In Defined

    This Technical Tip is intended to clarify what is meant by the term “Rough Dry-In” when used in ZIP System product literature.

  • 3
    Maximum Panel Edge Spacing for ZIP System Sheathing
    space, gap, gaping, maximum, large, largest

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    7/16" ZIP vs. 15/32" Plywood
    7/16, 7/16", 15/32, OSB, shear, comparison, struc 1, struct 1, structural

    This technical tip provides a shear capacity comparison of 7/16" ZIP System Sheathing and 15/32" Plywood sheathing. 

  • 5
    ZIP System Sheathing Load-Span Tables

    These tables provide info on the maximum allowable loading (psf) for ZIP System® panels based on deflection, bending and shear. 

  • 6
    Do I Need H-Clips?
    clip, clips, H-clips, H clips, plywood clips, edge support, simpson, Simpson simpson

  • 7
    Allowable Shear Capacity for ZIP System Wall Sheathing

    This technical tip discusses how the allowable shear capacity is determined for wood structural panels. Allowable design shear values are based on panel thickness and fastener type, size and spacing.

  • 8
    Third-Party Certification

    This Technical Tip explains HEW's third party quality assurance process that certifies ZIP System and AdvanTech panels as satisfying PS2 wood structural panel standard making them compliant with IBC and IRC requirements.

  • 9
    ZIP System Sheathing - Formaldehyde
    Formaldehyde , carb, California air resource board

    This Technical Tip addresses concerns regarding the use of formaldehyde in the ZIP System panel manufacturing process. Learn about the adhesives used to create ZIP System® sheathing and how they are controlled.

  • 10
    Can Clay and Concrete Tile Be Installed on ZIP System Sheathing in Florida?

  • 11
    What is ZIP System Sheathing?
    what is zip, drainage

    This document explains what ZIP System Sheathing is, what it does and what codes and standards it complies with. This is a good summary document for architects, engineers, code-officials or anyone else that is not familiar with ZIP System Sheathing.